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About us


Elsie's bar is a unique place to meet up and spend a nice evening with your friends in Zermatt. It combines history and tradition with a very warm atmosphere.

The building was actually built in 1879 by Joseph Mari for his sister Katharina Julen. Then, in 1961, Elsie Wicki bought the "de la Place" bar, which she renovated and opened up as "Elsie's Place".
It was known in the late Sixties for its Irish Coffees and snails and then later in the Seventies for its ham and eggs with Berlin-style pancakes, especially among its American guests.

At the end of 1974 she let out Elsie's Place to Arthur and Uschi Scherer, who continued to run the place as she had, ending up buying it from her in 1984.

Until 2012, the bar was run and owned by the Scherer family, who ensured it enjoyed a fantastic reputation not just for the culinary delights served but also for the huge selection of whiskies and wines on offer.

Since 2012 Elsie's Bar has been owned by Mario Julen of Zermatt. Not only is he a business man well-known for his expertise in the hotel industry and luxury properties in Switzerland, he is also a world-famous mountain-guide and climber. (more about Mario Julen)

Mario Julen is letting out Elsie's Bar to Philippe Oswald, a long-term employee of the Scherer family. It is with his bright ideas that he will ensure Elsie's Bar continues in its long established tradition.

Everyone in the Elsie's Bar team looks forward to seeing you there.